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Did you Know?

"...it would be helpful to provide new testing protocols that can be standardized..."
"I think that we do need new approaches. I think the old approaches aren’t very effective."
"The immune system is not very effective at eradicating biofilms..."
"Every chronic wound we looked at had a different profile, a different set of pathogens, different organisms..."
"..biofilms really present 70%, perhaps as much as 80%, of all chronic bacterial infections..."
"Dental biofilms can have bacteria, viruses, yeasts, nematodes and all kinds of critters."
"1.7 million hospital acquired infections and 97,000 deaths annually."
"Almost 2,000 people die every year from sinus surgeries."
"8 to 10 million Americans have a chronic wound at any one time."
"17 million is a conservative estimate based upon what we found in literature..."
"Bacteria want to attach, bacteria want to secrete substances."
"Bacteria talk to each other just like we do."